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We present you a selection of our carefully well selected local experiences aimed to satisfy your need for:


Spain has risen to the top of the world’s foodie destinations in recent years. From tasty tapas to superb seafood and traditional roasts, food in Spain is all about making the most of the best local produce.


If you had to determine a national drink for Spain, no doubt it would be wine. Spending a warm summer night drinking wine and eating tapas in a square is one of the most typical pictures of life in Spain. Used for cooking and drinking and even to throw over people on some local festivities!


Spain is much more than the flamenco music and dance, the bullfights and fantastic beaches and sun! Has been for thousands of years one of the cultural centers of Europe. And through these experiences you can get to know why!


Spain is a paradise for adrenaline junkies and outdoors activities seeker. It is important to mention that thanks to the geography of Spain we can do almost any activity. It is not necessary to emphasize the beauty of its landscapes because of that reason it is known as the Green Spain.


`We have to Spanishize Europe´, shouted the Salvador Dalí world back in the 60s. It seems that we have achieved it. Spain has placed itself in the sixth most visited country by Europeans who opt for what is known today as Health Tourism and ranks eighth worldwide.

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